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Knowing foreign languages makes our lives much easier, especially in today's globalized world. If you live in or around a metropolis like Frankfurt, you will want to speak and understand English: most companies require English as a foreign language, many visitors to the city speak only English and Frankfurt organizes some of the world's most important trade fairs where English is the official language.

Sciences in Frankfurt

The Sciences team in Frankfurt supports you in learning English for every level and every area: Do you need tutoring in Business English? Are you a student and have difficulties in English or would like to improve your performance in English? Do you have English as an advanced course and want to master the language properly? We can support you in all cases with English tutoring.

Business English

Are you looking for Business English support? Members of the Sciences in Frankfurt team have many years of experience with Business English and working in English and will be happy to coach you to perform competently in English in business life, write emails, be active in meetings and calls in English and speak the "right" language. Are you a student and want to improve your performance in English? Do you lack the basics of grammar and lose points in every exam because of it? Do you have difficulty understanding texts in English? Do you lack the vocabulary to improve your written performance? We can help you with all of these issues and improve your performance with our English tutoring. Sciences in Frankfurt supports you in English in the Frankfurt am Main metropolitan region, an international financial centre. We are happy to come to your home, whether you live in Westend, Nordend, Bockenheim, Bornheim, Ostend, Niederursel, Eschersheim, Höchst, Niederrad, Sachenhausen, Schwannheim, Nied or Rödelheim.


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