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Chemistry tutoring in Frankfurt am Main

Chemistry is one of the most exciting natural science subjects. Chemistry is divided into inorganic and organic chemistry. Organic chemistry is the so-called chemistry of carbon: all biomolecules, whether sugars, fats, proteins and nucleic acids, are organic compounds. But objects from our everyday life are also mainly organic substances: all kinds of plastic (synthetics), wood, graphite and much more.

The subject of chemistry at school provides a detailed insight into the structure of these molecules, how they are formed and their properties. Chemistry answers questions such as why road gritting helps to ensure that roads are not icy in winter; why substances are liquid, gaseous or solid at certain temperatures; why molecules can react with each other and create new substances; why burning wood generates heat and much more. As with any natural science, the basics are essential for understanding chemistry. Most students with difficulties in chemistry that we have encountered have not mastered the basics. For example, if they do not understand the logic and information of the periodic table or cannot use the periodic table, it is impossible to understand and comprehend the chemistry of the Q phase.

In the E phase, the basics are taught that are considered to be present in the Q phase, on which one builds. If these basics are missing, for example if the students are unable to set up reaction equations, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to keep up in chemistry.


Sciences in Frankfurt

The Sciences team in Frankfurt provides chemistry tutoring to ensure that the basics are available and understood. The relevant content is then explained and practiced. Depending on the level, the necessary depth is taught so that the school requirements can be successfully met.
Do you live in the Main metropolis of Frankfurt and have chemistry as a basic or advanced course? We will be happy to accompany you through to your Abitur in chemistry and ensure that you pass your Abitur exams successfully.
Are you a student and have to pass chemistry exams? Did you drop chemistry in the 9th or 10th grade and feel like you're faced with a mountain of content and don't know where to start? We are happy to support you with tutoring in chemistry for doctors, biologists, teachers, sports scientists, nutritionists and engineers. We bring structure to your preparation and guide you through the content, clarify your questions and practise with you at exam level.
Sciences in Frankfurt supports you in chemistry in the Frankfurt am Main metropolitan region, one of Europe's most important financial centers. Our team will also accompany you in English if you attend one of the international schools in the Rhine-Main area. We are happy to come to your home, whether you live in Westend, Nordend, Bockenheim, Bornheim, Ostend, Niederursel, Eschersheim, Höchst, Niederrad, Sachenhausen, Schwannheim, Nied or Rödelheim.


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