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Science remedial teaching

Are you a pupil or student and having difficulties in biology, chemistry, mathematics or biochemistry? Would you like to improve your grades in science to achieve the best possible A-level grade? Is it your dream to study medicine and are you preparing for the medical test? Are you studying biology, human medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry or pharmacy, do you have a chemistry or biochemistry exam to pass and want to prepare for it? Are you looking for tutoring in chemistry, biology, mathematics or biochemistry for these reasons?

Then let Sciences in Frankfurt provide you with competent coaching and professional support during school or university! Our concept: We offer high-quality tutoring in chemistry, biology, mathematics and biochemistry for all levels in German and English in the form of individual lessons.

Scientific thinking has a rational logic based on laws that can be understood and implemented by anyone. As with all subjects or languages, understanding and grasping chemistry, biology, mathematics and biochemistry requires basic knowledge, which is sometimes lacking or incomplete in pupils or students for various reasons. As a result, science is often "no fun" for young children, while teenagers often "can't keep up" and give up. Poor grades in math, chemistry or biology can even jeopardize promotion, which is a challenging situation for both pupils and parents.

Students of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy or biology are also often faced with the challenge of a chemistry or biology exam in the first semesters of their studies, especially if they opted out of these subjects early on at school.

In our decades of tutoring chemistry, biology, mathematics and biochemistry, we have successfully accompanied all of these cases in such a way that our students really enjoyed it. The satisfaction when scientific tasks and questions have been understood and answered correctly is great and wonderful.


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Your advantages

  • Lessons tailored to your needs and wishes
  • Possibility of combining several of the tutoring subjects offered within one lesson
  • Lessons available in German and English
  • Absolute flexibility
    • No fixed number of hours per month
    • No minimum purchase of hours
    • no registration fee
    • No minimum contract term
    • No advance payment
    • No other fees: only the hours used will be invoiced
  • Possibility of short-term support if required (e.g. answering short-term questions about homework via sms / WhatsApp / email)


Contact us and discuss your request with us. We will be happy to advise you free of charge by telephone.

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