Your advantages

These are the advantages of working with Sciences in Frankfurt:

  • Lessons tailored to your needs and wishes
  • Possibility of combining several of the tutoring subjects offered within one lesson
  • Lessons available in German and English
  • Absolute flexibility
    • No fixed number of hours per month
    • No minimum purchase of hours
    • no registration fee
    • No minimum contract term
    • No advance payment
    • No other fees: only the hours used will be invoiced
  • Possibility of short-term support if required (e.g. answering short-term questions about homework via sms / WhatsApp / email)

Our experience and discussions with pupils and students have shown us that continuous coaching in the form of content-related guidance and challenge increases and ensures the likelihood of success when tutoring in chemistry, biology, maths, biochemistry and English. In the context of tutoring, we understand continuity to mean the regularity and not the frequency of tutoring sessions. The frequency must be determined on the basis of individual needs and agreed with the pupil, parent or student. At the same time, it can be adjusted at any time after consultation with the teacher, e.g. during exam periods, before upcoming tests or oral examinations. Conversely, lessons can be cancelled during periods when classes are cancelled, internships and exams are not due. In both cases, we recommend a dialogue between the teacher and pupils, parents or students, as experience has shown that this leads to the right decision.

People often complain that pupils or students don't know what to learn and where to start. The bigger the gaps, the more often this question arises. Our tutoring in chemistry, biology, maths, biochemistry and English helps you to categorise the topics, establish a common thread and determine the time required. This ensures that the material to be tested is fully covered in the tutoring sessions.

An equally frequent question is whether topics from different scientific subjects should be covered in a tutoring session. We will of course fulfil this request - even without prior agreement. If a teacher is not available, we will be happy to offer you the opportunity to work with another teacher. Our aim is to provide you or your children with the best possible, high-quality tutoring service for chemistry, biology, maths, biochemistry or English.


Contact us and discuss your request with us. We will be happy to advise you free of charge by telephone.

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