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Biology tutoring in Frankfurt am Main

Biology is a very exciting subject that pupils can choose without necessarily wanting to study science or medicine. What do you need to be successful in basic or advanced biology? You should first understand biology. Without understanding the context, students cannot understand or memorize details. After understanding the content comes memorization. Since biology mainly involves describing and analyzing processes, these must be learned by heart.

How are Abitur exams in biology structured?

The Abitur tasks usually require you to describe a process first: these are "safe" points if you have memorized the content. Next, illustrations must be described and interpreted. Technical terms are required for this and assessed accordingly: If the language used is too simple and without technical terms, you lose points.

How do I learn to use technical terms?
There is only one way: through memorization. Memorizing seems annoying and pointless at first, but it is the basis for gaining the necessary maturity in the subject. The concepts are repeated, the connections become clearer and you begin to master the subject of biology.

The third part of the biology Abitur tasks are usually transfer tasks. Such tasks can only be answered correctly and completely if you have mastered the topics. Simply having understood the topics or having memorized the topics does not necessarily lead to the desired goal.

To summarize: The sequence for learning biology is:

  • 1. understand content
  • 2. memorize content
  • 3. understand connections
  • 4. be able to apply content

What does Sciences do in Frankfurt in biology tutoring?

We coach you through these 4 stages and ensure that all the necessary content has been understood and can be applied. As soon as you have acquired the relevant know-how, we will practise old exam tasks with you and explain to you what to look out for, which points to address and how, how to describe illustrations and processes and how to approach transfer tasks.


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